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He killed his parents: ex-girlfriend, manipulator Benno

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Ukraine: Amendola:

(ANSA) – BOLZANO, APRIL 12 – “Benno had a manipulative attitude towards me and did not want me to hang out with my friends”. This is the testimony of Nadine, a nurse from New Ulm, Bavaria, who had an affair with Benno Neumair two years ago. Today the young woman was heard as a witness at the trial before the Assize Court against Benno, accused of multiple aggravated murder and concealment of a corpse: the 31-year-old from Bolzano is guilty of the murder of his parents, committed on January 4 2021.

If as regards the reconstruction of the dynamics the case has already been solved, the process will have to establish whether Benno was capable of understanding and willing. According to the psychiatric report carried out during the investigation, Benno would have been almost mentally ill at the time of the murder of his father Peter, but perfectly lucid a little later, when he killed his mother Laura.

In today’s hearing, as well as in the next ones, numerous people – family members, ex-girlfriends and various acquaintances – are called to testify to describe, through the memory of anecdotes, the personality of Benno. “Living with him was difficult: he took money from me secretly, and in one case he had staged a fake assault of which he would have been the victim” Nadine recalled, explaining that that fake assault ended with mandatory health treatment for Benno, since he had even held a knife.

In the afternoon his sister Madè was heard again, who reiterated: “Benno was lying all the time and I was afraid of him”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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