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The rooster Garibaldi sings too much, petition in the Ferrara area

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Recovery of the helicopter crashed on the Modena Apennines concluded (ANSA)

(ANSA) – FERRARA, 15 JUN – The rooster Garibaldi likes to crow, a lot and early in the morning, already at 4 in the morning: and for a year he has triggered the protests of the neighbors of the chicken coop where he lives, in Copparo (Ferrara) where he broke out the case, complete with a petition against it, and a summit scheduled for next Friday to seek a solution to the problem that has been going on for a year now.

As La Nuova Ferrara tells us, with the arrival of heat and the windows open, the noise of the “chicchirichi” is once again heard, too much for someone. But the problem is that Garibaldi has no owners: he is a vigorous rooster who escaped from the Friday market and ended up in a courtyard in Viale Carducci, where he now lives and even, the neighbors complain that they have also found the company of a hen, Snow White.

The rooster’s desire for freedom earned him this name and the symbolic purchase for one euro by Alberto Vezzali, owner of the house where the rooster moved.

But there are those who complain about the singing, so much so that there was a real crusade in his defense, thanks also to the commitment of Giovanni Mazzorana, animal rights activist and politician from Coppara who brought the story to television, with a service shot in Copparo. Then the case rebounded on the Facebook group ‘Sei di Copparo se …’ which held a photo contest and the most voted image of the rooster is still a symbol of the social page.

But, after a year, it is controversial again. The rooster sings before dawn and the protest resumed from the neighboring condominiums, with the collection of signatures presented at the beginning of the week to the command of the local Union police. So much so as to trigger even verbal arguments, offenses against Vezzali himself, “on the last Monday morning – he tells the newspaper – when a lady from the nearby condominium yelled at me ‘Be ashamed, we can’t take it anymore’, a sentence followed by an offense to the my address. I have been silent, but it is not an acceptable situation also because, I repeat, once again, Garibaldi is not mine just as Snow White is not mine “.


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Source: Ansa

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