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The walls of the Uil headquarters in Palermo are smeared with writings

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, 07 JUL – Anonymous writings on the walls of the regional headquarters of Uil Sicilia and Area largo, in via Enrico Albanese 92 / A in Palermo. “The usual unknowns, equipped with spray cans and little imagination, attacked the Sicilian UIL, smearing the walls of the headquarters with more stupid than intimidating writings, as has already happened in other parts of Italy.

The incident was reported to the competent authorities, as it was right to do, but above all we would like to underline that we will not take a step back. “This was stated by the general secretary, Luisella Lionti.

“Workers and workers, retirees and pensioners, citizens and citizens know well that we are not servants. – she adds – But that we are at their service, to protect rights and development prospects. The growth of consensus and esteem between workers and pensioners, citizens and citizens demonstrates how courage, seriousness, consistency and linearity in pursuing our social mission are increasingly recognized at UIL by Pierpaolo Bombardieri and us all. And this is the only thing that matters “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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