Cannabis: the Santori ‘sardine’, I grow three plants at home

Biden Wednesday in Israel, Lapid:

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 10 JUL – Grow cannabis under lamps at home and this year the harvest of three plants yielded 60 grams of weed. This is admitted by Mattia Santori, founder of the ‘Sardine’ movement and today city councilor in Bologna with responsibility for tourism, promoter of ‘Cannabis talks’ and other awareness-raising initiatives on the subject. The ‘confession’ a few days ago during the States General on cannabis that took place in Milan, but “I had already said it in the past”, he underlines, interviewed today by Repubblica.

“I’ve been making reeds since I was 18 – explains Santori – then one day my sister returned from Amsterdam brought me seeds, a goliardic gift, I planted them and it went badly.

I bought the necessary and only on the third try did they grow. In short, I don’t just consume it, but I self-produce it for personal use. “” At the moment – he admits – self-cultivation is equated with the drug store for which I risk up to six years in prison: it’s absurd. It is no coincidence that the united Courts of the Cassation have already indicated to the courts to consider a few plants as personal use. Now it’s up to Parliament to move “.

“I buy seeds from a hemp shop that pays taxes – says Santori – I bought my equipment, and all of this is already legal. This way I know where my money goes. The cannabis market fuels organized crime. I don’t want to. that my recreational consumption of a joint every three days enriches a criminal, which is why I say that mine is a virtuous behavior “. “If Parliament shrugs I don’t shut up. Does it create addiction? It is scientifically proven that this is not the case. Then it is clear that intervention policies are needed on problematic consumption. But it is not better then that your consultant is an expert who sells you the seeds and not junk rather than a pusher in whose hands the minors end up? ” (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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