Police Headquarters Shooting: Fervicredo, unjust sentence paradox

Court of Milan, former lawyer falls from the seventh floor and dies (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 13 JUL – “We learn from the press that for Meran, acquitted, as not attributable, on 6 May for the murder of the two police officers Rotta and Demenego, there is no REMS able to welcome him. Meran is still in prison and according to the judgment of the Trieste Assize Court it should not be there as it is destined for a REMS which, however, is not found, with the risk that it could also be released, thus a quotation mark from the Chief Prosecutor of Trieste . Here is the paradox of an unjust first-degree sentence and really to be criticized even only from its device while waiting for the reasons “. The lawyer writes in a note. Valter Biscotti legal party Fervicredo (Association of Wounded and Victims of Crime and Duty).

The lawyer, “as already anticipated once the sentence has been published” announced that he will solicit “with a petition the proposition of the appeal by the Attorney General”.


Source: Ansa

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