‘Offense to Zenga’, Di Ciocco compensates and the trial closes

Essilux, Milleri:

(ANSA) – MILAN, JULY 19 – He paid compensation and so the crime was extinguished for “repair of the damage” before the trial began. Thus ended the Milanese trial, before the judge of the criminal tithing, for defamation of the actress and television and radio presenter Elena Di Cioccio, who was accused of having offended the reputation of the former Inter and National goalkeeper Walter Zenga for a post she posted on her Twitter profile on January 29, 2021.

“Zenga father speaks like a 16-year-old bully to his son who has become an adult”, wrote the actress, who was accused by the prosecutor Maria Cardellicchio of having defamed the former goalkeeper also for having defined him, after another insult, “useless” and “father with a hypertrophic ego”. And still on the page followed by 26 thousand people she had written: “You suck as a man and as a father. Shame on you. You’re a mer ..”.

“We considered the remedial conduct satisfactory, even without withdrawing the complaint – explained the lawyer Davide Steccanella, civil party attorney of the former number one of the national team – not so much for the sum paid, as Zenga did not act for the money but to denounce a distorted use of social media, but because we have taken note that Ms. Di Cioccio has publicly exhorted on the same social network, where previously she had seriously and freely offended him as a father and as a man, to use this dangerous tool more responsibly is it serious”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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