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Weather: Hot weekend at 40 ° C, then something may change next week

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We are about to reach the maximum power of the African anticyclone Apocalypse4800 (the number refers and explains very well the situation with freezing temperatures at incredible altitudes: the thermometer goes below zero only at altitudes above 4800 meters and given that the highest mountain d ‘Europe, Mont Blanc, rises up to 4809 meters, here the ice melts on all the Alps!).

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Starting today and especially over the weekend, temperatures will continue to soar up to touching or touching the fateful 40 ° C in some areas of the Po Valley, such as in Emilia, Veneto and lower Lombardy.

It will also be very hot in the Center, with 37/39 ° C in Florence, Rome, Umbria as well as in the Terni area, in many areas of Sardinia and the Marche and finally in Puglia (38 ° C expected in Taranto and Foggia). But be careful, it will do hot even at night; just think that the thermal values ​​around midnight could still be close to 28/30 ° C. We will therefore experience the typical tropical nights (we are talking about tropical nights when temperatures never drop below 20 ° C).

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Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it announces that the weekend will go by, needless to say, full of sunshine, but warns that Saturday 23 may break out some strong storms on the Alpine sectors, especially those of the Triveneto . Sanò does not even exclude the possibility that some storms have the strength to reach some plain area. Things could change in the course of next week: in fact, starting from Tuesday 26 July, cooler air from Northern Europe could be able to scratch the anticyclonic shield weakening it, especially on the northern regions.

In this context, the clash between the cooler currents at high altitude and the pre-existing heat would determine a deadly mix for the formation of very strong thunderstorms which, patchy, could affect some areas of the North. This situation could also be repeated on Wednesday 27, with the North still at risk of violent storms, sometimes accompanied by sudden hailstorms and, more rarely, by the feared tornadoes. Thereafter, the pressure should increase again, resulting in a more stable time.

Friday 22.
In the north: sun and intense heat with peaks of 39 ° C.
In the center: sun and intense heat.
In the south: clear and warm skies.

Saturday 23.
In the north: severe thunderstorms in the Alps, more sun but also scorching heat in the plains.
In the center: all sun and intense heat.
South: sunny.

Sunday 24
In the north: sunny and very hot. Center: prevailing sun. In the south: good weather and warmer climate. Trend. still intense heat on Monday, then the storms arrive in the North.

Source: Ansa

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