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Park: building rules change for Portofino and Paraggi

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The scepter and the siren, new light on ancient Selinunte (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PORTOFINO, 23 JUL – The Plan of the Portofino Regional Natural Park changes and the management body of the protected area gives the green light to a new regulation for the building heritage that mainly concerns the Municipality of Portofino. “The variant to the Plan acts as a mediation between the interests of protection of the integral and oriented reserve area, for the absolute safeguarding of environmental and naturalistic values, of conservation of the agricultural landscape and of the villas and of the potential for expansion of the development areas , in a context of sustainable tourism – explains the document of the Ente Parco di Portofino that led to the new resolutions -. No changes are envisaged to the areas of absolute protection, integral and oriented reserve or protection (conservation), but we only intervene in the area of ​​economic and social promotion (development area). The peculiarity of the site can act as an engine of development and a driving force for the economy of the Ligurian territory as a whole. We tried to collect the requests of stakeholders, welcoming the suggestions also for simplification “.

The Park Authority emphasizes that the territory of the Municipality of Portofino is included entirely in the park area, unlike the Municipalities of Camogli and Santa Margherita, “where the provincial capitals enjoy autonomy in urban planning and construction”. The legislation granted the D1 Portofino area the validity of the already approved urban planning tools, with the exception of limited areas, “where the regulatory references to the Park Plan and the PRG create interpretative confusion”.

The variant now extends “to the entire D1 Portofino area the validity of the municipal urban planning regulations in line with the superordinate planning at the territorial level”. The variants are however subject to the prior opinion of the Park Authority.

Development area D1 Paraggi (Municipality of Portofino) is differentiated from Area D1 Paraggi-Santa Margherita, “delegating the planning to the municipal town planning instrument of Portofino, with a view to preparing the interchange plan for mobility and possible pedestrianization of the coastal roads “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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