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Weather: in Italy a weekend of fire with some thunderstorms in the North

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(ANSA) – MILAN, JUL 23 – Weekend still in the sign of blistering heat: the heat wave has reached its peak, uniting all of Italy in a framework of exceptionally above normal temperatures with peaks close to 40 degrees in Po Valley and in the inland areas of the Center-South. The heat is intense even at night (especially in large urban centers where the concrete re-emits all the heat accumulated during the day) and at high altitude, with freezing temperatures reaching up to 4,800 meters. The most contained diurnal values ​​are recorded mostly along the coasts that benefit from the sea breezes from mid-day.

The African anticyclone keeps at a distance the perturbations that flow across the Alps: one of these today touches Northern Italy – say the Meteorologists of Meteo Expert -, causing an increase in atmospheric instability mainly in the central-eastern Alpine areas. According to the latest updates, the heat wave will continue next week: unchanged in the South, while in the central-northern regions, and in particular in the North, it will diminish. The northernmost sectors of the country, in fact, in the second part of Monday will be affected by an Atlantic perturbation followed by slightly less warm winds.

FORECAST FOR THE NEXT HOURS Predominantly sunny and very hot weather throughout Italy. The perturbation in transit over central Europe that laps the Alps, will give rise to local episodes of instability in the North, in particular in the Alpine areas between Lombardy and the Northeast. Possible isolated thunderstorms also in the plains, more probable on lower Piedmont, Bergamo, in the evening on the northeastern foothills. At Centrosud some mounds developing around the mountains in the central hours of the day; possible heat storms on the Molise Apennines. Slightly decreasing maximum temperatures in the Alpine areas, along the Prealps, in Liguria and locally also in the plains of the North-West and in Tuscany; increases in Romagna and the Adriatic regions; possible peaks of 38-40 degrees on the eastern Po Valley and in the inland areas of the Center-South and of the islands.

FORECASTS FOR TOMORROW, SUNDAY 24 JULY The intense heat and high pressure are still protagonists in Italy. Mostly clear or partly cloudy skies, with temporary thickening over Liguria, the northern Apennines, the Eastern Alps and Prealps. Minimum temperatures falling in the alpine and pre-alpine areas, without great variations elsewhere and extremely high. Highs at low altitudes with values ​​widely above 35 degrees in areas far from the coasts, with peaks of 37-38 degrees. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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