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Municipalities: Lagalla opens unburied death files, ‘serious injury’

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Marmolada, searches by land of the remains of the victims resumed (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 29 JUL – The first act of the new municipal council of Palermo, led by Roberto Lagalla, is a resolution for the maintenance work in the city cemeteries and the burial of the bodies that have not been buried since the autumn of 2019. Currently the coffins amassed in warehouses and under makeshift tents in the cemetery of the Rolls are 1,300.

An emergency that starts from the previous administration of Leoluca Orlando, who for eight months, in the last period of the syndication, hired the interim of the department responsible for the management of the cemeteries, but without finding solutions.

The new council will use two million allocated to the Municipality by decree of the Department for Internal and Territorial Affairs, for the maintenance of the old crematorium and the construction of the new one. In addition, underground niches will be placed and spaces will be created by enforcing the clauses contained in the contracts on burials. At the cemetery of the Rotoli, which extends over an area of ​​about 20 hectares, another 80 cypresses will be planted.

“Since the day of my inauguration – said the mayor Lagalla – the emergency at the cemetery of the Rotoli has been at the center of my commitment as mayor. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the first resolution of the council concerned one of the worst injuries always for this city.The picture that we have found before us is dramatic and the only solution has been to work in the last month, day and night, to find solutions.

Finally, next week we will start with the work, to begin giving concrete answers to the families of those loved ones who have died and for too long remained amassed in the Rolls deposit and to the city that looks with dismay at this story “.


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Source: Ansa

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