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Drugs: plantation discovered, a city councilor arrested

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France, heavy traffic for the August 15th weekend (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MESORACA, AUG 12 – Three people, including a city councilor in office who was temporarily suspended, were arrested by the carabinieri in Mesoraca, in the Crotone area, on charges of cultivation and detention for the purpose of drug dealing in competition of narcotic substances. House arrest was arranged for two of them while a third was taken to the Crotone prison.

The soldiers of the Operational and Radiomobile Nucleus of the Compagnia di Petilia Policastro with the support of the “Calabria” Air Hunters Squadron, after identifying an Indian hemp plantation within the agricultural fund owned by a 62-year-old trader, have implemented an observation service surprising the latter that, together with two other people, a 49 year old, a social health worker, and a 57 year old, a merchant from Rizziconi (Reggio Calabria), while they were harvesting and exfoliating numerous marijuana plants.

The military, after blocking the three, searched the area finding more than 2,500 shrubs in the inflorescence phase, 9 kilograms of narcotic substance already crammed into some bags and ready for subsequent marketing and other material useful for cultivation, packaging. and drug drying. For the municipal councilor, the Prefecture of Crotone has ordered the temporary suspension from the office held. The materials and the drugs, on which the appropriate commodity checks will be carried out to establish the quantity of active principle, have been seized. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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