Last Generation in Genoa Aquarium, hands glued to tanks

Taiwan, USA:

(ANSA) – GENOA, 15 AUG – Blitz of the Latest Generation, a non-violent movement of civil disobedience that fights to say no to coal-fired power plants and to safeguard the social and climatic stability of the country, at the Genoa Aquarium.

Activists broke in and wrote some slogans on the dolphin pools, including ‘No Gas no Carbone’. “Look at all this water – said Laura, one of the campaign coordinators -. Look now at our land. Arid. It hasn’t rained throughout Italy for months. Climate change is leading to the destruction of our crops every year: we are to the point where we begin to struggle to produce food for our country. You can see it from the increase in prices, which in September will reach unprecedented peaks. Meanwhile the heat waves and droughts will increase, next year it will be even worse and politics is doing nothing “.

“Our requests are two – they continue – and they would allow us to take a first step to combat climate change: immediately stop the reopening of disused coal plants and cancel the project of new drilling for the research and extraction of natural gas, then proceed with a increase solar and wind energy by at least 20GW this year and create thousands of new jobs in renewable energy, helping fossil workers find jobs in more sustainable jobs. We won’t stop until the government takes them into account”. Activists glued their hands to the glass of the tubs. At that moment the police intervened: there are two activists accompanied to the police station for identification. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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