Summer: Autovie, tomorrow black stamp for exodus and counter-exodus

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(ANSA) – TRIESTE, AUGUST 19 – Approximately 340,000 vehicles will pass through the Autovie Venete network over the weekend, between exodus and counter-exodus.

In particular, tomorrow will be a Saturday with a “black stamp” due to the last departures for the holidays (especially in the morning towards Lisert) and the first returns from summer destinations (especially in the afternoon when entering the barrier). Returns that will be felt even on Sunday – red stamp – especially from late afternoon.

Attention is also paid, especially on Saturdays, to the A23 / A4 route from Udine Sud towards Nodo Palmanova and to the west carriageway (towards Venice) where the greater volume of traffic will be concentrated, also due to the return of Eastern European workers from their own Countries of origin.

Over the weekend, a total of almost 60,000 vehicles are expected to enter the Lisert in Trieste and more than 30,000 to exit. In Latisana there will be 50,000 vehicles in and out, in a “turnover of vacationers” typical of this part of the season, to which the “commuters of the sea” must be added.

As always happens in the case of a “black sticker”, Autovie will employ around 200 people.

For heavy vehicles, the traffic ban will apply from 08.00 to 16.00 on Saturday 20 and from 07.00 to 22.00 on Sunday 21.

Autovie recommends keeping a safe distance from those in front; respect the speed limits (80 kilometers per hour for light vehicles and 60 for heavy ones in the stretch of construction sites); and not to use electronic devices and smartphones when driving, and remember, for information, the website, the infoviaggiando app and the number 800 996099. (ANSA).

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