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Which fish will definitely survive in an aquarium: unpretentious species

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Some types of aquarium fish require specific conditions. Mistakes can even lead to the death of fish.

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For beginners, it is advised to choose unpretentious species that are easy to breed. GLOBAL HAPPENINGS has selected the top 10 types that you should buy first.


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Gupis confidently hold the championship in the ranking of aquarium fish. They come in a variety of colors and are great for community aquariums. Ideally, you should buy a flock of 6-10 individuals in a 50-liter container. Gupis should not be kept near fish that can bite their fins.

Danio rerio

This is a schooling species of fish, so you need to buy at least 6 individuals. Danios are very mobile, they need room to swim. In food – unpretentious, dry food in the form of flakes is suitable.


There are many types of swordtails, and they differ in color and shape. Adults can grow up to 8-10 cm. These are very jumping fish, so you should choose an aquarium with a lid. It is recommended to plant live plants in the aquarium. It is better to have 2-3 females per male, otherwise the males will start to fight


A characteristic feature of the species is that females grow larger than males. The most common molinesia with a black color. Many people choose the sailfish because of its distinctive appearance with a developed dorsal fin, however this species tends to be aggressive towards other fish species.


Ancistrus are dark gray with white spots and reach 10-12 cm in length. They are compatible with most fish species and do well in aquariums from 50 liters. Experts advise you to definitely buy natural snags for ancistrus, which fish love to scrape.


A small fish, 3-4 cm long, with transverse stripes on a silvery body. Ternetia should be bought in flocks of at least 6 individuals. For maintenance, it is necessary to arrange in the aquarium areas with thickets of plants and free areas for swimming.


Cockerels are often called “fighting” fish – and all because of the intolerance of males to each other. These fish reach a size of 5-6 cm. Currently, there are more than 70 species of cockerel, different in color. Cockerels are very unpretentious fish, they can be bred in aquariums with a capacity of 7 liters or more. It is very important that the air above the water is not too cold.

Corydoras speckled

These are peaceful, active, interesting catfish that love to clean the bottom of aquariums from food residues. They have a gray-olive spotted color. They should be kept in flocks in an aquarium from 30 liters.

Sumatran barb

Silvery, with four transverse stripes, barbs are very peaceful fish that can become aggressive if you do not follow an important rule. These fish should be bought in flocks of 6 individuals. If the number is less, the barbs will be aggressive towards their neighbors in the aquarium. Fish with veil fins should also not be settled next to barbs, so that they suddenly do not damage the fins.

marble gourami

An adult fish reaches 10-13 cm. For a comfortable existence, you need to buy an aquarium of at least 80 liters. Buy gourami should be either in pairs or in small groups. It is important that there are more females than males. In food, gourami are unpretentious, they eat all kinds of feed.

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