Why you can’t brew tea twice: what are the exceptions

True tea connoisseurs know how easy it is to ruin the taste of a drink with improper brewing. The water temperature and exposure should be appropriate for the type of tea. But many people like to brew it in large quantities and use the tea leaves to the end, and sometimes pour it again.

GLOBAL HAPPENINGS figured out how correct this is. And in what cases are exceptions to the general rules of brewing possible?

15 minute rule

In fact, all the beneficial properties of the aromatic drink are stored in it for 15 minutes after brewing. Further, the leaves begin to give off too many tannins and nitrogenous substances. This makes the tea taste too tart and even bitter. In addition, in this case, it can harm people with digestive problems. In particular, perennial tea should not be consumed by those who have an increased acidity of the stomach.

What happens to tea after re-brewing

Tea gives all the main benefits during the first pouring with boiling water. According to rough estimates, up to 70% of all substances for which the drink is famous can be obtained in this way. Therefore, the tea will have approximately 30% of the benefits for re-brewing. In addition, its taste suffers so much, which becomes more blurry and does not open with a bouquet, as it should be.

How many times can tea be brewed

If we are talking about black tea, then it cannot be re-brewed at all. Well-fermented leaves give all their beneficial substances at once. The second time they will have neither taste nor benefit. The same goes for herbal teas.

Less fermented teas – primarily green, but also white or red – are quite suitable for re-brewing. However, experts advise doing each subsequent insisting 1-2 minutes longer.

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