How to properly load the dishwasher: three mistakes that everyone makes

People who purchase a dishwasher for the first time are often so happy with their purchase that they don’t care too much about how they load it. The device makes life easier, and it’s a joy. However, people with experience in using a dishwasher make mistakes when loading.

Meanwhile, experts from the American household magazine Good Housekeeping in the TikTok account of the publication indicated what exactly we are doing wrong when using the appliance. And they told how to fix these errors.

Mistake One: Layering Dishes

If you place the dishes in the tray so that the items overlap each other, overlapping each other, this will greatly impair the quality of the wash. Water will not reach all objects or wash them partially. Therefore, when downloading the dishwasher, make sure that the bowls are not inserted into each other and there is no layering.

Mistake two: glasses on the teeth

It is also wrong to place glasses on the teeth of the machine tray. At best, they will leave spots on them, at worst, they will even break. All glassware should rest on the prongs, not hang from them.

Mistake three: incorrect arrangement of devices

If you just accidentally put cutlery in the dishwasher, it does not clean them well, the water does not wash them completely. The forks should be correctly folded into a special basket with the teeth up, the knives should lie with the blades down, and the spoons “jack” – through one handle in opposite directions.

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