Curtain! The United States announced a package of sanctions against Russia

New US sanctions will affect the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and Russian President Vladimir Putin

The head of the International Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Gregory Meeks, introduced a bill on sanctions against the industry, economy and leadership of Russia.

A draft law on new restrictions has been submitted “in case of further invasion or undermining of Ukrainian sovereignty,” the press service of the US House of Representatives reports.

The bill is in addition to the U.S. Senate’s 2022 Protect Ukraine’s Sovereignty Bill, introduced by Senator Menendez.

The main provisions of the bill, in particular, include:

  • Sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline;
  • Sanctions against the Russian mining industry;
  • Sanctions against at least three Russian financial institutions;
  • Prohibition of all transactions with the new Russian public debt;
  • Sanctions against Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders;
  • Accelerated Security Assistance for Ukraine.

“Russia’s continued troop build-up both on the border with Ukraine and in Belarus is an act of aggression as reckless as it is worrisome. While I remain hopeful that diplomacy can ease tensions on the border with Ukraine, the United States needs to stand together made clear with our transatlantic allies that any move by the Russian army to invade sovereign territory will be met with serious action… This legislation will have serious consequences for Russia both financially and otherwise, and Congress is ready to act if President Putin will continue his provocative military buildup on Ukraine’s borders,” Gregory Meeks said.

The congressman expressed his hope that this bill will be brought to the table of President Joe Biden as soon as possible so that it can be signed.

Did the United States hear Zelensky’s request?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with The Washington Post called for the immediate imposition of sanctions against Russia.

The head of state said that he did not understand why wait for a likely escalation for the imposition of sanctions and why the world should not unite on this issue.

“I asked one leader: ‘Why do you support sanctions against Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine? Why do you need sanctions after we lose the entire territory of Ukraine?” Zelensky said.

The Kremlin is alarmed

In connection with the threat of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States started talking about the most powerful sanctions. The White House is considering an embargo on American-made defense technologies.

The initiative of the American senators worried the Kremlin. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov did not rule out that the imposition of sanctions could break relations between Moscow and Washington. He also does not like that the West links the launch of Nord Stream 2 with security issues in Europe, and calls it absurd.

In addition, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Pavel Ryabkov, following the results of negotiations with NATO representatives, said that military experts offer Vladimir Putin options in case the situation around Ukraine worsens, but so far they have given diplomacy a chance.


Source From: Segodnya

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