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Urns baptize the Third pole, centrists are surprised

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Genoa, Bucci:

The third pole is “born” and is the surprise of the administrative 2022. The front of the centrists – which goes from Action to + Europe passing through Italy alive – the check between the litigators on the right and those on the left and scores an unexpected blow. In particular, he makes the exploit in L’Aquila where the candidate Americo Di Benedetto comes second with 23% of the votes – provisional data – also detaching the challenger of the Democratic Party, Stefania Pezzopane. In Palermo it is close to 15%, elsewhere it exceeds 10%. And now that they are counted, the centrists want to count.

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Aware of being able to become the tip of the balance for next year’s policies and without reverence. Indeed, with the style of Matteo Renzi they throw the hook at the Democratic Party: “If I were still a leader of the Democratic Party – ventures the former Secretary of the Dem – I would like the issue of making an alliance with the reformist center rather than with the grillini”. Carlo Calenda also gloats and quantifies performance as follows: “Ours is an area of ​​pragmatism and responsibility that is worth 10 to 20% depending on the municipalities”.

At the first electoral test outside the capital, the former minister shows that the almost 20% reached as candidate for mayor in Rome last year was no coincidence. “We intercepted an area of ​​Italians who broke the boxes of a left with 5 Stars and the Greens of no to everything and on the other a right split on everything”, he explains. The new party claims its ‘pedigree’ made up of concreteness and support for the majority and Prime Minister Draghi, while remaining very far from populists and sovereignists.

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And looking to the future, it defines itself as a “strong and growing” pole. The ball now passes to the Democratic Party and who knows that the wide field failed with the 5 Stars, will take shape with the new center, given the dowry of votes it could bring in a year. Glissa for now Enrico Letta insisting on the need for a progressive camp as “the only barrier to the right”. But Calenda doesn’t like it and replies: “Enrico, it’s not a political proposal. After a legislature where everyone allied themselves with everyone and Salvini ruled with your ally Conte, it’s really not very credible”.

Pending a decision, it is clear that the centrists will try to press in light of the 5-star electoral flop. Above all, Renzi is raging, more than the “substantial victory of the center-right”, recognizes that the vote marked “the end of grillism”. The former premier claims the “decisive” role of Iv in the election in the first round of many mayors, “from Bucci in Genoa to Giordani in Padua”. And he cites the “splendid result of Cosimo Ferri in Carrara (17%)”. Ditto in Palermo where Fabrizio Ferrandelli (supported by Action) is third with over 14%, after Roberto Lagalla of the center right in the lead at 48% and Franco Miceli of the Democratic Party with 28. And to recognize the merit to the candidate of Action is Gianfranco Miccichè: for the leader of Forza Italia in Sicily, “Ferrandelli is now a political entity with which we must dialogue”. Third place also for Dario Costi in Parma who collects 12% in the city that was the land of conquest of the Movement ten years ago. “He has achieved a great result – Calenda boasts – But someone has to explain to me how he managed to vote for a man who negotiated for corruption and extortion as mayor of that city”, referring to Pietro Vignali ousted by Michele Guerra of the center-left.

Source: Ansa

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