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Read: ‘After the sun or moon vote’. Room: ‘Campo largo or you lose’

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Read: ‘After the flight either sun or moon. We play the game to the end. ‘ “The left is the Democratic Party, to all those who discuss where the left is, I say: our ambition is to be the largest environmental party in Europe and able to give strong answers to those who want a future of progress”. The secretary of the Democratic Party said it, Enrico Letta, at the presentation of the book by Gianni Cuperlo, European Renaissance. “Our ambition is to be the great party of the Italian left capable of giving home to a strong project of progress”.

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“A majority will give this electoral law and there will be a government, but it can be of one type or another: sun or moon. There won’t be a third way that will allow us to do who knows what, either one or the other wins” . This was said by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, at the presentation of Gianni Cuperlo’s book, European Renaissance, in progress in the Chamber.

Our program will be Italy 2027to tell what Italy will be in 2027 with projects on society, rights, the environment “, said Letta.” We had to anticipate the times – he added speaking of the electoral campaign – but we play the game and we play it to the end“.

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Sala: ‘No vetoes, without a wide field you lose “. I hope no one vetoes because this is not the time for vetoes. “The mayor of Milan said so, Giuseppe Sala, speaking of the need to create a broad field of the center-left in view of the elections, in the light of the meeting he had yesterday in Rome with Luigi Di Maio and Enrico Letta. “The only thing I asked Letta is to work right now to clear the vetoes,” he added.

“Di Maio has expressed to Letta his willingness to be part of the center-left. If someone considers it negative to widen a field that is part of the disadvantaged, say so, but if you don’t try to enlarge the field you lose”, reiterates the mayor. “When I hear from Pizzul that we should go to Lombardy with the 5 stars, my answer is ‘not in my name’ I’m not there” adds Sala commenting on the opening of the group leader of the Democratic Party in the Lombardy Region, Fabio Pizzul, to an alliance with the 5-star movement for regional in Lombardy. “I say this in good faith and I was one of those who first said ‘let’s look at 5 stars, their electorate and their ideas’ – he concluded – but after all that has happened and above all with the positioning they are having I do not believe”.

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