Covid hits Micronesia, two thousand cases in the first outbreak

The small state of Micronesia, in the Pacific, has lost the status of one of the few countries exempt from Covid, after the confirmation of the first outbreak following some cases reported last week. Various media reports.
Aside from a few isolated incidents, the Federated States of Micronesia had managed to avoid the coronavirus for two and a half years thanks to their location some 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) north of Papua New Guinea. That was until two students tested positive after arriving on the island of Kosrae from Pohnpei. In a week, cases increased to 2,072, recorded yesterday, causing alarm in the Pacific island nation, which has a population of approximately 130,000.Eight people were hospitalized, while an elderly person died of the consequences related to the virus.

Many lawmakers and senior officials have contracted the disease, including Vice President Yosiwo George, who is hospitalized even though his condition is of no concern. The health authority has discouraged gatherings and advised the use of masks at all times, but said “all public services will remain open”.

Source: Ansa

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