Berlusconi: ‘Meloni has what it takes to lead the government’

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Silvio Berlusconi is satisfied with what emerged from the center-right summit because from the meeting “he comes out united, not on the posts but on the ideas, on the program, on the projects for Italy and also on the criteria for indicating the candidate for premier”. The FI leader takes the opportunity of an interview with Qn to clarify that there are no vetoes on Prime Minister Meloni: “Giorgia Meloni, like Matteo Salvini, like many exponents of Forza Italia and other coalition parties, has all the cards in good standing and the authority to lead a high profile government, credible in the world, firmly linked to Europe and the West “.

“The three great political forces of the center-right are all necessary numerically to win and politically to govern – underlines Berlusconi -. So it makes no sense to evaluate them on the basis of polls. There is a proportional part so that the voters are the ones to measure the weight of the individual parties”. Speaking of the leaks from FI then, he says he is “embittered, both for the choice and for the method they wanted to follow”. With reference to Brunetta, Gelmini and Carfagna, “I continued to delude myself until the end that the reasons for consistency and also convenience prevailed. They denied not me, but their constituents, their history, their life”, Berlusconi affirms. , and adds: “The idea of ​​a center disengaged from the center-right obviously leads to the creation of a false center, allied to the left. The opposite of what happens in Europe, of what the EPP is asking for. The idea of ​​a coalition that it goes from Calenda and Bonino to the far left of Speranza certainly worries me but at the same time it makes me smile “.

According to Berlusconi “the future center-right government would need a serious and qualified opposition, not a confused agglomeration of acronyms and leaders without following. The fact that Enrico Letta is ready to follow this path does not surprise me but it worries me. . What leaves me astonished is that people with our history and our values ​​think they can stay in that project, in that Campo Largo that is increasingly similar to a Campo Santo “.

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