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    From Casini to Cottarelli, the choices between big and new entries

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    Estonia, the government has all Soviet-era monuments removed (ANSA)

    Enrico Letta will be leaders for the Chamber both in Veneto and in Lombardy, where Carlo Cottarelli, “mr Spending Review”, is the strong name for Palazzo Madama. The pasionaria Elly Shlein will lead, together with the former minister Paola De Michelithe lists for Montecitorio in Emilia Romagna, while in the uninominal of Bologna, for the Senate, despite the territorial controversies, Pierferdinando Casini.

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    The lists of the PD passed by the national management are a mix of tradition and innovation, seats reserved for the coalition to expand the field (over 60 single-member colleges) and ‘young’ shares. Thus, if in Lazio the name of the governor stands out Nicola Zingaretti (at the head of the list for the Chamber) in Campania that of Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health and Secretary of Article One. Another novelty, the role of leaders in Europe entrusted to the well-known virologist Andrea Crisanti.
    Four under 35s chosen by the Nazarene as capilista: Caterina Cerroni31, was the youngest candidate for the last European Championships and will now race in Molise; Marco Sarracino, 32, is metropolitan secretary of the Campania capital and will now present himself in Naples; Raffaele The Queen he is a 29 year old from Potenza who has the slogan “the right to stay” as his slogan, he will be a candidate in Basilicata; Rachele Scarpa25, will lead the Venice-Treviso-Belluno plurinominal boarding school.

    They are joined by another “young”, but over 35: it is Silvia Roggiani in Lombardy. In Piedmont, Debora Serracchiani he is head of the Chamber together with Mauro Berruto, Federico Fornaro (LeU) and Chiara Gribaudo; for the Senate, there are Anna Rossomando and Erico Boghi.

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    At the head of the Lombard colleges of the Chamber appear, among others, the secretary Enrico Letta and the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini.

    The leaders of the Senate, on the other hand, are Alessandro Alfieri, Carlo Cottarelli and Simona Malpezzi. If Antonio Misiani is a candidate for the uninominal of Milan, in Sesto San Giovanni there is Emanuele Fiano and in Cremona, again, Carlo Cottarelli. In Veneto, Alessandro Zan, author of the well-known bill against homotransphobia, is also among the leaders for the Chamber. Next to him, again Letta and Alessia Rotta. Andrea Martella and Beatrice Lorenzin are the strong Venetian names for Palazzo Madama.
    Debora Serracchiani will also head the plurinominal college of the Chamber in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando of the one in Liguria. In Emilia Romagna, the former mayor Virginio Merola is a candidate for the uninominal of Bologna for Montecitorio. As for the race for Palazzo Madama, the proportional focus is on Graziano Delrio and Sandra Zampa. In nearby Tuscany, the Chamber leaders will be Anna Ascani, Laura Boldrini and Simona Bonafè (followed by the national coordinator of Article 1 Arturo Scotto and the dem Caterina Bini and Stefano Ceccanti).

    The uninominal Chamber of Livorno is for Andrea Romano, that of Pisa is assigned to the “coalition” (should be assigned to SI leader Nicola Fratoianni). In Umbria to head the list for Montecitorio will again be Anna Ascani, in the Senate Walter Verini.
    In addition to Zingaretti, the regional councilor Michela Di Biase (and wife of Dario Franceschini), Claudio Mancini, Marianna Madia and Matteo Orfini lead the lists of Montecitorio in Lazio. In the Senate the two main names are: Cecilia D’Elia (followed by the secretary of the PSI Enzo Maraio) and Bruno Astorre.
    As for the uninominals, Paolo Ciani (Demos) will also run for the Chamber in Rome, while Filippo Sensi and Monica Cirinnà are for the Senate, who accepted the candidacy “given as loser” in controversy with the party. In Campania, together with Speranza, to lead one of the lists for Montecitorio will be Piero De Luca, deputy and son of the governor. The leaders of the Senate are, however, Dario Franceschini and the former leader of the CGIL Susanna Camusso. In Puglia, the first on the list for Palazzo Madama is the former minister Francesco Boccia; the deputy secretary of the party Giuseppe Provenzano is head of the Chamber in Sicily, where the former secretary of the CISL Annamaria Furlan leads the list for the Senate. The framework of the candidacies is given as definitive, as approved by the party leadership, but changes are still underway due to the waivers that have arrived.

    Source: Ansa

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