Sicily: ultimatum of the Democratic Party to the M5s, “in or out”

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, AUGUST 22 – “Inside or out”: the Democratic Party yesterday asked the M5s to give an answer by lunchtime. Everything is in the hands of Giuseppe Conte, he will decide whether to confirm or break the progressive alliance in Sicily. So far, the Sicilian executives of the 5stelle assure there is still no decision and the call from Conte who has been holding the Sicily dossier for days is expected. The stalemate is causing several problems to the dems for the definition of the lists for the regional (voting on 25 September) and above all it is keeping on the grill Caterina Chinnici, who won the primary but who has always maintained that her candidacy for governor it is bound precisely to the alliance that was made for the historic Giallorossi consultations. So much so that there is not even the shadow of the civic list of Chinnici, and there are many who argue that there is a strong risk that it could not be formed. The “unpresentable” question remains open, Chinnici does not want candidates indicted on the coalition lists. ” Sicily “:” The Democratic Party will decide “. After three consecutive postponements, the regional direction of the Dems should meet at 2 pm precisely to address the knot of the lists. But all of this seems to be closely linked with Giuseppe Conte’s response. (HANDLE).

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