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One year Olaf Scholz: Dare to be more persuasive

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A year is usually not long for an adult, but a government has at least a quarter of the legislative period behind it after twelve months. A new chancellor must quickly learn how to lead his cabinet and his coalition parties. There is no harder job.

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During this time, he formed the image that Germans have of his abilities and the achievements of his government. As in life, first impressions count.

It’s not good for him at all. The Germans are dissatisfied with Olaf Scholz and his government for the anniversary. As is well known, he doesn’t give much attention to surveys and is proud to stick to decisions he thinks are right, even against resistance.

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The picture even brightens a bit when you look back: other recent governments were even worse off after a year: only the grand coalition had better values ​​on that date – because of its broad base.

It is also true that no other government had a tougher start. Scholz provided answers to the multiple crises triggered by Russia’s war against Ukraine. With his “turning point” he woke the country from semi-pacifist dreams, the gas storage tanks are full, billions in aid are relieving the burden on the citizens, the hot autumn is not coming. And when it comes to the really big task, the fight against climate change, the compromises are justifiable because the goals still apply.

Olaf Scholz has a big shortcoming. He sees himself as a far-sighted analyst and rational organizer of power, and has even made use of his authority to set guidelines. It just doesn’t reach the citizens despite constant media presence and therefore can’t convey the services that are available. But communication is not a dispensable colorful ribbon on top of politics, but its essence.

“Dare to make more progress” is the motto of this coalition. Olaf Scholz should dare more conviction. It would be better for him. Better for his coalition. And better for the republic.

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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