In the midst of a political crisis, Elisabeth Borne participates in a CNR devoted to youth

Two days after having initiated article 49.3 of the Constitution to have the pension reform adopted, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne participated in a national council for refoundation (CNR) devoted to youth this Saturday in Matignon. A theme which she said was her “priority”.

Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne participated on Saturday in a national council for refoundation (CNR) devoted to youth, in Matignon, two days after having engaged the responsibility of her government on the highly contested pension reform. “Whatever the circumstances, I have a priority, it’s you, the young people”, declared the head of government, smiling, surrounded by several dozen young people, middle and high school students, apprentices, students, at the opening of this debate of around two hours on the theme of equal opportunities.

License at 17 and renovation of Crous housing among the avenues mentioned

She was accompanied by several ministers including Pap Ndiaye (National Education), Olivier Klein (City and Housing), Jean-Christophe Combe (Solidarities), Isabelle Rome (Equality between women and men) and Charlotte Caubel (Childhood). Questioned on the difficulties of orientation of the pupils, the school harassment, the prejudices, the mobility in rural areas or the social assistance to the childhood, Élisabeth Borne evoked exchanges and testimonies “very stimulating, very inspiring”, and promised to “take up the challenge”.

“I have noted that trust is also to demonstrate that we take your proposals, that we take action and that we follow the realization,” she assured in her speech. conclusion, citing the driver’s license at 17, support for leaving child welfare at the age of majority, the renovation of Crous student accommodation and other avenues mentioned by the participants.

The Prime Minister will be “at work” on Sunday

“I am convinced that more than ever, restoring confidence in our democracy is a priority, beyond the subjects we are talking about today,” she added, in an allusion to criticism. oppositions and trade unions who accuse it of being forced through by resorting to article 49.3 of the Constitution to have the text adopted without a vote raising the legal retirement age from 62 to 64.

Two motions of censure must be examined Monday afternoon by the deputies. Elisabeth Borne’s entourage said on Saturday that she would be “at work” on Sunday, without any public event planned. After ecology, daily life and professional future, this was the fourth thematic meeting around the Prime Minister before commitment and citizenship, next month. This series of debates should lead to announcements in the spring, as part of an interministerial roadmap on youth.

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