Mourinho, unbalanced final but I want the Cup for clubs and fans

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 18 – “Without the support of the Albanians who want to see Kumbulla raise a cup in Tirana it would be an unbalanced final. We will be on the field on Friday and then again on Wednesday, the other team (Feyenoord ed) is on vacation, he rests and gets ready and has no injuries. So it’s an unbalanced match. ” So José Mourinho during the Uefa ‘media day’ dedicated to Roma as a finalist in the Conference League.

“The risk exists, a final is always 50 and 50 – says ‘Mou’ again – but in the course of this marathon that is life I have changed, I am no longer self-centered and I want this trophy not so much for myself as for the people which for a long time has not lived moments like this, for the players who can take a first step by winning a competition and for the club. I would like to win more for all of them than for myself. ” But Mourinho admits that “here in Rome it is more difficult to have the right focus on what needs to be done before a final, here there is a general euphoria that is felt even when you go to a restaurant or supermarket, and everything comes from the joy of playing a final. I, on the other hand, always and only think about the next match, if we hadn’t done this with Inter in 2010 we wouldn’t have won the Scudetto as well. “

In view of Turin and then of Tirana, Mourinho, who also today reiterates that he wants to stay with Rome (“I have a 3-year contract and I don’t even think about the possibility of leaving earlier”), gives the list of unavailable, to date: “Mkhitaryan he needs time, no chance to play on Friday and little for Feyenoord “; “Zaniolo a few for Toro and a few more for 25. But if the few are ‘transformed’, I’d always let him play”; “Smalling is 0% for Friday and in doubt for Tirana”; “Karsdorp is the one he has the most chance of recovering.”


Source: Ansa

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