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Mediterranean Games: Oran finished, the road to Taranto begins

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 07 – With the arrival of the Coni plane in Fiumicino and the flag of the Mediterranean Games flying on Italian soil held by the mayor of Taranto Rinaldo Melucci, the blue adventure in Oran 2022 ends. In the conference organized thanks to Aeroporti di Roma, (where to represent Puglia, in the handover between Oran and Taranto, three athletes from this region protagonists in Algeria: Maristella Smiraglia, taekwondoka, Simone Stefanì, swimmer, and the football player Gabriele Guarino) Coni president Giovanni Malagò begins this way: “I thank all the athletes, the Mediterranean Games have a particular tradition for our country. Compared to other competitions they can be considered a lower step, but they are a more unique than rare showcase.

If you look at the roll of honor, none of the greats of Italian sport are missing, from Pietro Mennea to Federica Pellegrini “.

The president recalls that of the 26 countries that are part of this confederation, 24 went to the medal, “and then there are France, Spain, the Balkans, Turkey … Translated it means that if you win the medal table for the fifth time it is not taken for granted, even given the increasingly busy schedule – underlines Malagò – If we hadn’t won it, someone would have said that things hadn’t gone well “.

The Mayor of Taranto Rinaldo Melucci states with emotion that “today it is not just about sport: we are convinced and aware that in four years we will be able to do well at least what we saw in Oran. Taranto is about to change its destiny”.

The international president of the Mediterranean Games Davide Tizzano thanks Coni “which in Algeria has provided us with a wonderful structure. Our goal is to bring together 26 different nations, for Taranto 2026 we will do an excellent job”.

The Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Manlio di Stefano reiterates that it was a pleasure “for us as the Farnesina to associate and support the international sports movement, however you look at sport it is an advantage for the country: it is well-being, it is GDP, and then it’s soft power, diplomacy. These are beautiful years for Italian sport “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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