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the ticketing calendar finally revealed

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Axel May
2:50 p.m., November 28, 2022

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The Paris Olympic Games enter the (very) concrete. If this planetary event will begin at the end of July 2024, registration for the ticket purchase procedure will begin on December 1, with “tailor-made packs”. To buy the tickets, however, you will still have to wait until February 15, 2023, and be drawn.

Organizers of the 2024 Olympics have clarified the ticketing schedule. Registration will begin on Thursday, with the first sale of “tailor-made packs”. It is a two-stage calendar that is proposed for this sale of packs. The first phase will last two months. From December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023, you must register on the site. It takes a few minutes, according to the organizers.

A 48-hour slot to buy tickets

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The second phase will take place February 15 to March 15. This purchase period will be reserved only for those who have been drawn. An email will be sent to the lucky winners and a non-modifiable slot of 48 hours will be allocated to them to make their purchases. The idea is to avoid too many simultaneous connections and traffic jams on the internet. “We register, it’s very simple, it doesn’t take time, three minutes, over a period of two months, it should be fine” explains Michaël Aloïsio, director of cabinet of Paris 2024. “Secondly, we buy in real time what is available. And thirdly, it allows us technically to smooth and manage the flows”, he summarizes at the microphone of Europe 1.

These packs will be composed according to certain rules. A minimum of three tickets (in three different sports sessions) and a maximum of 30 tickets (i.e. 10 packs) must be purchased per account drawn.

Unit sales will take place later.

After the packs, a unit sale will take place in the spring, also by drawing lots. This unit ticketing will concern the most requested sessions such as the finals of the 100 meters in athletics. In total, nearly 10 million places will be offered for the Olympic Games and more than 3 million for the Paralympic Games (which will be marketed in the fall of 2023). But inevitably, these sales phases will make many disappointed. It remains to be seen how many potential buyers will grimace.

Source: Europe1

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