Rome between the Europa League and the future, Dybala ‘binds’ to Mourinho

Forbidden to snub Europe. And if the message sent by Mourinho in these days of training in Trigoria hadn’t been received by someone, here it is not only the Special One who puts his face on the eve of the match against Salzburg, but also Paulo Dybala. The Argentine, however, doesn’t just look to tomorrow as the coach did, because he sends a message to the Friedkins loud and clear. “My future? I don’t know what will happen at the end of the year. I don’t know what will happen with me, let alone with the coach – explained Dybala – But I would like to be coached by Mourinho because he is one of the best and I want to win with him”. In short, a destiny of the two appears linked by the same seasonal objective: to return to the Champions League. A goal that the Giallorossi can now achieve in two ways: by finishing in the top four of the championship or by winning the Europa League. However, as Special One recalled, the European journey is still long. “Today there are 24 teams in the running and we are far from the end and for now I can’t look beyond wanting to win tomorrow”. And that the coach wants to keep attention high on the Europa League is also demonstrated by the formation he will send on the pitch. “It could be the same as Empoli, at most they’ll change one or two players, no more”, explained Mourinho confirming Abraham and postponing again Wijnaldum’s debut as starter, who started with the team anyway.

With “Gini” also another Dutchman returns, because Karsdorp is also back in the squad after the dispute with Mourinho in Reggio Emilia in the match against Sassuolo. Special One had called him a “traitor” due to an attitude, according to the coach, “unprofessional” once he entered the field. Time, however, together with a transfer market that didn’t bring the offers that Roma had hoped for, led to mending the rift, with the player taking the first step. “This is my sixth year here and I love playing for this club – the full-back told the club channels before leaving for Austria – The thing I want to reiterate about the issues between me and the coach is that people like FIFPro and my lawyer weren’t speaking on my behalf. People said things that weren’t true. I just want to play for this club and as I said before, I’m happy to be back.” Words which were followed by those of Mourinho who admitted that he had used a term “too strong” after the match against Sassuolo and that he was happy to have recovered one more player given the not very deep squad. A new chapter in the story therefore opens between the two, waiting for everyone to make their own assessments at the end of the season. Those of Dybala are also linked to those of Mourinho.

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