Gymnastics: Ferrari, Tokyo silver dedicated to those who believed in me

Ravanusa, crowd in the square for the funeral (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 17 – “Over the years I have changed a lot, in many respects, but in the race the desire to give my best is always the same. I dedicate this medal to the people who truly believed in me, especially when not even I I believed it “. Thus the blue gymnast Vanessa Ferrari, silver in the women’s free body at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, on the sidelines of the Federgymnastics Medal Festival at the Coni hall of honor.

Recalling the final on 2 August, Ferrari added: “It was all sudden, the qualification came a few days earlier, then I had aching tendons but I didn’t want external problems to compromise my result again. I did it. In Paris. There is still a long way to go, I’m resting and letting the tendons relax. I have to train calmly without thinking of hurting myself. I’m not ruling out anything, now a course has ended and I want to enjoy it.

“My career? So far it has been beautiful, difficult, with many injuries. I have always had to start from scratch by working harder than before. I also had the chance to get to the medal in Rio and London, but in Tokyo I managed to do it. the best exercise in the moment that counts. As soon as we finished there was a bit of disappointment, I would have liked to have played the anthem “.



Source From: Ansa

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