Spaceship debris found on Mars

Scientists will study their condition to better understand the process of landing on the Red Planet

Mars helicopter finds spacecraft debris / Photo: NASA, Collage: Today

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter rover took photos of the wreckage of the spacecraft and the parachute that was attached to the capsule on the Red Planet. And before that, an incredible force of a marsquake was recorded on Mars.

But do not rush to rejoice – this is not alien technology. The capsule belongs to the earthlings.

The remains of the spacecraft belong to the capsule that delivered the Perseverance rover to the planet on February 18, 2021.

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter took a series of crisp images at the request of NASA scientists who wanted to study the remains to better understand the process of landing on Mars for future missions.

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Thanks to the images, scientists were able to see that the protective coating on the rear panel, despite hitting the surface of the planet at a speed of 126 km / h, apparently remained intact during reentry.

Many of the 80 high-strength lines connecting the hull to the parachute are visible and appear to be intact. Also visible is a 21.5-metre-wide dust-covered parachute, the largest ever deployed on Mars. And he seems to be intact.

A more definitive verdict will require several weeks of analysis, according to NASA’s website.

Earlier we wrote that the rover filmed an incredible solar eclipse on the Red Planet. Thanks to a new video, scientists were able to see the irregularities of the moon of Mars.

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