Usa: Trump does not give up, his candidates win in the primaries

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, MAY 03 – Donald Trump does not let go of the Republican party. His ‘his’ candidates in the primary in Ohio win without particular problems, confirming the strength of the former US president. Former tycoon adviser Max Miller wins the House primary, while ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author JD Vance wins the Senate.

Particularly important is the victory of 37-year-old Vance who will clash in November’s mid-term elections with Democrat Tim Ryan to replace Republican Rob Portman, in one of the key challenges that will decide control of the Senate. Ryan easily beat progressive lawyer Morgan Harper and information technology manager Traci Johnson in the Democratic primary. “I want our manufacturing to become a power in the world. I want to help this country override China,” said Ryan as he took the stage after the win.

Observers believe Vance’s victory will strengthen Trump’s position in the Republican party. The tycoon has not yet resolved his reservations about a possible candidacy for 2024 and the success in Ohio could increase the chances of his descent on the field. In early March Vance was in trouble and was behind his challengers Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons. On April 15, however, he received Trump’s support and began the comeback that led him to success. In supporting him, the tycoon explained that he believes he has the best chance of winning in November. And now the former president is “relieved” of his victory, considered a bold bet won. Vance in the past had called himself a ‘never-Trump guy’ but then changed his positions and sought vigorously the support of the former president.

Vance described the primary in Ohio as a “battle for the soul” of Republicans, between those in the establishment and those like him and Trump willing to fight for more populist positions. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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