Gb, Moscow uses food security for its political purposes

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 29 – Russia is ready to leverage the issue of food security for its political purposes: British intelligence writes this in its daily update on the situation in Ukraine.

The intelligence report, released today by the Defense Ministry on Twitter, recalls that Russian Deputy Minister Andrei Rudenko said last Wednesday that Moscow is ready to guarantee a humanitarian corridor for ships carrying food out of Ukraine in exchange for the revocation. sanctions. The deputy minister then requested the de-mining of the Odessa port area to allow the passage of ships.

The latter request, according to London intelligence, follows a fundamental principle of modern Russian communication strategy: to introduce alternative, albeit unconvincing, narratives to confuse the public. In this case, Kiev resorted to naval mines due to the continuing and credible threat of a Russian amphibious assault from the Black Sea.

Russia, the report concludes, uses the issue of global food security for political ends, only to present itself as a credible interlocutor and blame the West for any failure. In this case, the Russian attempt to obtain a reduction in sanctions also highlights the stress that the sanctions themselves are causing the regime. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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