Litvinenko: one of the suspects of his poisoning dies

One of the main suspects in the murder of former Russian spy and Kremlin opponent, Alexander Litvinenko, died in a Moscow hospital due to Covid-19. This was reported by the BBC online which cites the Tass.
Dmitry Kovtun was one of two men who according to British authorities poisoned Litvinenko in London in 2006.
The news was given by the other suspect in the murder, Andrei Lugovoi, who wrote on social media that his “faithful friend” was dead.
Litvinenko, a former KGB officer turned British citizen and opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was poisoned with a radioactive substance in a London hotel where he met the two men. The former spy fell ill shortly after the meeting and was hospitalized. His condition worsened and he died weeks later.
A British public inquiry conducted 10 years later concluded that the killing was “probably approved” by Putin. From his deathbed, Litvinenko accused the Russian president of being the instigator, but Moscow has always denied any involvement in the murder.

Source: Ansa

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