Climate: one-third of Americans under heat alert

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, JUN 15 – A third of Americans are under alert due to the heat, while indents break out in Arizona and California. Heat warnings are in place, according to the National Weather Service from the Upper Midwest in the southeastern US: the hot, dry weather that hit the southwest and parts of California last week moved east, with a sweltering heat that has been recorded from the Gulf coast to the Great Lakes since Monday.

A high-pressure dome, also called a heat dome, “will generate well-above-normal or record-breaking temperatures across the region” until Thursday, the National Weather Service said in its forecast, reported by the Wall Street Journal. Heat dome occurs when the atmosphere traps hot air “like a lid or hood,” creating large areas of sweltering heat. St. Louis, Missouri, broke the record set in 1952 by reaching 37.2 degrees, while in Charleston, South Carolina, 35 degrees were recorded but with heat ratings between 43.3 and 44.4.

Hot temperatures even in Atlanta. And during the heatwave that hit much of the southwest over the past weekend, several wildfires erupted near Flagstaff, Arizona, which has reached 8,000 acres of land and sees 450 firefighters employed to try to tame it. the flames. Evacuations have been ordered in the areas closest to the fire, and red flag warnings are expected for the next 48 hours, signaling the possibility of extreme conditions for fires with gusts of wind and low humidity.

In California, the Angeles National Forest fire caused sparsely populated areas to be evacuated. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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