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    There is a danger of Russia attacking other European countries – British Defense Minister

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    Wallace believes that the war could go beyond Ukraine

    The head of the British Ministry of Defense predicts an attack by Russians on European countries. / Photo: Collage: Today

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    British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace considers the danger of the war expanding beyond Ukraine “very real”. According to him, there is a danger that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attack other European countries.

    Wallace stated this during a speech at a conference of the Royal Institute of the Army in London, reports “Today”.

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    The British minister believes that Russia is “the most direct and dangerous threat to Europe.”

    “Now Russia is the most direct and immediate threat to Europe, our allies and our shores (Great Britain, – ed.). I am serious about saying that there is a real danger of Russia attacking other parts of Europe. These days, long-range missiles, distance is not protection,” said the head of the British Ministry of Defense.

    He also noted that Europe relaxed after the collapse of the USSR. Wallace strongly criticized the years of weakening of the British Army by successive Conservative and Labor governments.

    Wallace noted that the UK must continue to increase defense investment in order to counter threats not only from Russia, but also from China and other countries. The Minister stressed that as the threat changes, so should funding.

    The head of the British General Staff assessed the situation in Europe

    Patrick Sanders believes that the UK and its allies, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, are faced with the “moment of 1937”, so they must do everything possible to prevent another world war.

    According to media reports, the general intends to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his “expansionist ambitions” pose the greatest threat to sovereignty, democracy and the freedom to live without violence that he has ever known.

    General Sanders will state that his only goal is “to mobilize an army that can prevent the spread of war in Europe by being ready to fight and win alongside Britain’s allies and NATO partners,” writes Sky New.

    His warning will be echoed by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who is also expected to speak at a military conference ahead of a trip to the NATO summit.

    General Sanders is expected to offer his take on the threat posed by Russia and how his army is adapting, with a greater focus on fighting in cities and rebuilding costly weapons stockpiles.

    Earlier, we reported that British intelligence reported the failure of the Russian Federation’s attempt to encircle the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass.

    We also recall that Johnson reminded the world of Who is Putin and pronounced a verdict on the policy of concessions.

    Source: Segodnya

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