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Van on pedestrian area in Brussels, suspect arrested

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Van on pedestrian area in Brussels, manhunt

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A van hit the outdoor area of ​​a restaurant in a pedestrian area in the heart of Brussels at full speed. There are only six minor injuries, for which transport to the hospital was not necessary. The driver, however, escaped aboard the vehicle.

After a police manhunt, a suspect was arrested in Antwerp. The reasons for the gesture have not yet been clarified, according to the Belgian media, and the investigations have not yet ruled out the hypothesis of an act of terrorism. “At this point, several leads are still open,” he said Willemien Baert, spokesman for the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office at a press conference in the late afternoon -. The suspect’s motives are not yet known. I know that the facts point to the attacks that took place in the past, but for now it is not certain that it is an attack. It’s also possible that it was just an accident. We have to wait for the rest of the investigation to find out the exact motive. “

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Fear of an attack in the region, the alert was briefly raised from level 2 to 3 (out of 4). The impressive images of the van launched at full speed towards the tables of the restaurant in the pedestrian area also circulated in the Belgian media, with those present who manage to move at the last moment.

“In contact with our security services. The situation is being followed closely. Thanks to the emergency services for their efforts”, he reacted on twitter Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden. The accident took place around 1 pm in rue Saint-Michel, a perpendicular to rue Neuve. The van was found a couple of hours later, but still no trace of the driver. This was reported by the Belgian media.

“A van entered the rue Saint-Michel, made a U-turn on this same street and headed for the outside area of ​​a club,” he said. the mayor of Brussels Philippe Close -. Fortunately, people managed to avoid the van. Some people are in shock but no injuries have required transport to the hospital. “

“What is certain is that the vehicle was traveling at very high speed and headed for the outdoor area. But I will not draw conclusions before the investigators”, he said.

Source: Ansa

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