Chile confirms 13 deaths caused by forest fires

Among the victims are a Bolivian pilot and a Chilean mechanic who were working to contain the flames.

JAVIER TORRES / AFPCountry is experiencing a wave of fires that affects the central and southern regions

the government of Chile updated bulletins on forest fires that affect the center and south of the country, increasing the death toll to 13. According to the authorities, 11 of them were registered in the municipality of Santa Juana. “Unfortunately, we would like to inform you that there are 13 dead in total: 11 people in the city of Santa Juana and, in addition, a Bolivian pilot and a Chilean mechanic who crashed with a helicopter that was working to fight these fires,” said Mauricio Tapia, Director of the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service. Agriculture Minister Esteban Valenzuela explained that the accident occurred in Galvarino, 700 kilometers south of Santiago, and said that one of the brigade members was “a Bolivian with many years of experience in aeronautics and in firefighting.” According to the Public Ministry, four people died in two traffic accidents when they tried to escape the flames, while a female firefighter had a heart attack during the work and the others were found with charred bodies.

*With information from EFE

Source: Jovempan

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