Hundreds of people spent the night in a car: an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 occurred in southern Italy

On the evening of March 28, an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 struck Italy. The epicenter of the tremors was fixed in Montagano in the Molise region in the center of the country.

Serious destruction was not recorded, but hundreds of frightened residents of the region decided to spend the night in cars in case of a more powerful earthquake. It is reported by the Italian agency ANSA.

According to the agency, an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 occurred in the Molise region in central Italy shortly before midnight on the night of March 28-29. Its epicenter was recorded near Campobasso at a depth of about 23 km.

At the moment, it is known that in the settlements most affected by the earthquake and the landslides provoked by it, serious damage to buildings was not recorded. Fortunately, there are no casualties or victims of the disaster. At the same time, schools in the region, where on Wednesday they continued to inspect buildings for damage, were closed for security reasons.

ANSA also reports that the residents of Molise have experienced minor tremors over the past few days. Last night, hundreds of people living in the region decided to spend in cars or completely under the open sky.

“We were afraid,” some of them say, “and preferred to stay in the car.” Many left the settlements and stopped at parking lots in remote areas. In Campobasso at night, people are on the street in blankets and with suitcases.

Already after a fairly strong earthquake on the night of March 29, at least ten more tremors were recorded in Molise. Only three of them exceeded 2 points: at 1:33 (2), at 6:43 (2.6) and at 6:54 (2.4).

Recall that on March 18 in Ecuador, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 provoked significant destruction. 16 people were killed, at least 380 citizens were injured.

On March 22, an earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan killed 13 people and injured hundreds.

And the very next day, another earthquake occurred in Turkey. The magnitude of the tremors was 5.3. At the same time, in February the country experienced a series of powerful tremors, the total damage from which has already reached $ 104 billion. But most importantly, then the earthquakes caused huge human casualties.

Thus, the earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria on February 6 claimed more than 50,000 lives. In Turkey, according to the latest figures from the country’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, 44,218 people have died. In Syria, the victims of natural disaster, according to the latest statements, were 5914 people.

Source: Obozrevatel

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