Visa to the USA will be more expensive from May; check the new value

According to a report by the Federal Register, the increase was made to cover the consular services offered; measure starts to be valid from the 30th of the fifth month

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enter us U.S it will be more expensive, because the price of the visa has increased. The announcement was made on Tuesday, the 28th, by the US Department of State, and will take effect from the 30th of May. The change applies to all categories, from those who need to travel for business or tourism, to students and exchange students. According to the report released in the Federal Register the increase happened to cover the consular services offered, since the current values ​​would not be covering the high demand for the documents. The last readjustment had been in 2012 and, although prices may be steeper, they are still below what was suggested by the agency at the end of 2022. . Despite these increases, fees waived from the 2-year residency requirement for exchange visitors will remain at $120. Currently, the waiting list to get an appointment for a US visa exceeds a year and a half. At the consulate in São Paulo, it is necessary to wait 556 days. The time taken to request can be checked in this website.

New US Visa Prices

Business or tourism (B1/B2 and BCCs): US$185 (R$942)
Students and exchange students: US$ 185 (BRL 942)
Temporary worker (categories H, L, O, P, Q and R): US$ 205 (BRL 1,044)
Trade/investor (category E): US$ 315 (BRL 1,604)

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