Man breaks penis in three places during dangerous sex position

Case was registered in Tanzania and the patient, who was not identified, had to undergo emergency surgery

Reproduction / International Journal of Surgery Case ReportMan suffers triple fracture of penis while having sex

A 36-year-old man broke his penis in three different places while having sexual intercourse with his partner. According to an article in the specialized magazine International Journal of Surgery Case Reportsthe case was registered in the Tanzania and the man, who has not been identified, required emergency surgery. In the report, made this month, it says that the patient suffered the accident and, because he lives in a small town, he had to wait about five hours to receive medical attention. The publication mentions that while waiting for the specialists, the man received only painkillers in a public health unit and that the penis even dripped blood. To the doctors, the patient revealed that his partner was on top of him when he heard a “snap”. The penis slipped and hit the woman’s perineal area as she tried to reattach it. The man suffered three fractures and, according to him, at the same moment he lost his erection, felt pain, blood came out of the urethra and the penis swelled. The patient underwent emergency surgery at a Kilimanjaro hospital. In the doctors’ reports, the fracture would have left the penis similar to a balloon. However, recovery was quick. After three days in the hospital, the man was discharged. At home, he had to wear a catheter for almost three weeks. After six months, the man went to a doctor’s appointment and said that he had already resumed his sex life without any difficulties. Despite the fact that the penis has no bones, doctors used the term “fracture” to define the so-called rupture of the tunica albuginea, which is the fibrous tissue that keeps the blood circulating during the moment of erection. For doctors, the fracture can also happen during a nocturnal erection or masturbation.

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