Morocco: today the funeral of little Rayan

(ANSA) – RABAT, 07 FEB – The funeral of little Rayan, the child who fell into a well last Tuesday and whose lifeless body was extracted Saturday evening, after a rescue marathon, is scheduled for today in Morocco. The child, who was 5 years old, will be buried, according to the Muslim rite, in the cemetery of Ighrane, 6 kilometers from the scene of the accident, in the northern province of Chefchauen. Locals cleared the area this morning to accommodate the crowds of expected attendees. The case created a wave of emotion all over the world and Morocco followed with bated breath the long live videos that broadcast the work of the rescuers, during the more than half hours spent by Rayan at the bottom of the well. After recovering his little body, the ambulance took him to the military hospital in Rabat, but nothing was leaked about the result of the autopsy, which in all likelihood was performed.

In parallel with the preparations for the funeral, the authorities began on Sunday to fill the well into which the child accidentally fell, and also the huge crater dug by volunteers and rescuers in an attempt to save him. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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