Double-digit growth in the truck, trailer and bus market

At the beginning of 2023, both the truck market, which confirms the positive trend that began in August, and the towed vehicle market, after the double-digit decline in December 2022, recorded double-digit growth. Buses also closed the month with a significant double-digit increase. During the month, 2,569 registration certificates were issued for new trucks (+16.5% compared to January 2022) and 1,383 registration certificates for new heavy trailers and semi-trailers, i.e. with a capacity exceeding 3,500 kg (+12.3%), divided into 88 trailers (-7.4%) and 1,295 semi-trailers (+13.9%). For trucks in January 2023, three out of four geographical areas recorded a positive sign: +27.6% in the North-West, +21.7% in the Center and +19.9% ​​in the South and Islands. On the other hand, registrations in the North-East are down slightly (-0.5%). Anfia reiterates its request for a multi-year plan of incentives for fleet renewal and a reform of the current eco-bonus for commercial and medium-sized vehicles. The opinion on the extension of the delivery terms for the capital goods ordered in 2022 that benefit from the tax credit was positive, even if only partially effective due to the limitation linked to the previous payment of an advance.

Source: Ansa

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