4,500 irregular helmets seized, also sold to the Police Headquarters

Three lots of motorcycle helmets with irregular homologation, purchased (but not used) among others by the Naples Police Headquarters, were seized by the Naples Finance Police from a Neapolitan company active in the import and marketing of motorcycle accessories.

The legal representative and the de facto administrator of the manufacturing company, both from the province of Naples, are under investigation for fraud in the exercise of trade and also for fraud in public supplies as a part of the seized helmets was sold to a public administration .

The financiers of the second Naples Group seized, in particular, “modular”, “demi-jet” and “jet” helmets: 3,600 were identified in the warehouses of the importing company, while another 869 in the offices of 43 unsuspecting Italian commercial resellers present in nine regions, distributed throughout the national territory, to which they had been sold.

The seizure – ordered by the Gip of the Court of Naples at the request of the Public Prosecutor of Naples (second section) – was also necessary because the technical investigations revealed risks for the safety of the users of the helmets as the characteristics were not meeting the safety specifications prescribed by European approvals.

Source: Ansa

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