EU: Gentiloni, we will not end up in recession

CGIL, Piazza del Popolo turns red:

“There are conditions to avoid a recession, there are conditions to prevent the European economy from again going into a crisis similar to that of ten years ago. The steps are tight and one is to ensure a transition to renewable energies that allow us to diversify supplies and not have too heavy economic consequences in terms of energy “. So Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for Economy, speaking in Bologna from the stage of Repubblica delle Idee. “We have to do it – he adds – having a straight back on what the war in Ukraine means”.
Speaking of relations with Russia, Gentiloni said that “in some ways it is also the end of great hope”. At the beginning of the century there were “great illusions”, such as “Russia’s entry into the G8. This great hope for several years now – perhaps we have not valued the annexation of Crimea enough – has faded. Putin is a person with a lucid design. He considers the dissolution of the USSR a historical defeat and thinks it is necessary to rebuild a geopolitical sphere around Russia, and therefore to expand towards the various EU countries “.
Finally, there is no fear of gas cuts from Moscow. “We hope that there will be no drastic supply problems in the coming months but at the same time we will not be intimidated,” she said. “We work to prevent this from happening but, if it happens, at the European level we have the levels of collaboration, storage and diversification that are able to withstand even threats of this kind”, she added.

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