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Russia is preparing for an avalanche of disasters: who and why destroys aircraft

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After the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Western countries imposed sanctions against Russia, which seriously hit the aviation industry as well. Back in June 2022, the International Aviation Organization stated that there were serious problems with the safety of air flights in Russia, and now the tricolor fleet has already begun to be destroyed. The number of incidents and disasters follows an increasing number – more than 130 per year. And this is just the beginning.

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sanctions strike

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For Russian aviation because of the war in Ukraine, the United States, Great Britain and the EU countries imposed sanctions. Now the sky is closed for flights from the Russian Federation: airlines are blacklisted. Prohibited and the supply of spare parts to Russia.

Two-thirds of the entire fleet of the Russian Federation (about 700 out of almost a thousand) are Western-made Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Since March 2022, these companies have ceased maintenance of Russian aircraft and support for Russian airlines.

Russian airlines were forced to dismantle some of the aircraft for parts so that “at least something could fly.” As a result, only one Russian air carrier, Aeroflot, lost every fourth plane.

According to the Telegram channel Baza, by November 2022, about 50 Aeroflot aircraft were no longer flying, most of them are being “cannibalized”. That is, they are disassembled into parts in order to rearrange serviceable parts to other aircraft.

Another 18 boards are under maintenance and waiting for repairs. True, they can wait a long time – Aeroflot lacks slats, headlights, auxiliary power units, air intakes, oxygen generators and engines. There is also a problem with braking devices: the airline has only a few similar parts for different types of aircraft in its warehouse.

For example, Airbus-350 cannot take off and land due to the lack of spare wheels.

aircraft Russia

And already in March 2023 became aware of another serious problem. Russian airlines are faced with a shortage of spark plugs for Russian-French SaM146 engines for Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft. Accordingly, in the near future this may lead to a halt in flights on these aircraft. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, in the Russian Federation there are 12 Superjet operators operating 160 such aircraft.

Suicide Path

In the middle of last year, Russia agreed with Iran on the supply of parts and equipment for aircraft, as well as on their repair and maintenance. This decision shocked many experts.

“This, let’s face it, is a complete P. Iranian civil aviation is one of the most dangerous in the world. The main problem is the lack of spare parts for aircraft and a huge number of counterfeit or heavily worn imported components and parts of extremely low quality. Due to technical problems 50% of the available 386 Iranian aircraft are on the ground,” the Russian analyst writes. Anatoly Nesmiyan.

According to him, the new Iranian Airbus A-330 aircraft were produced in 1992. The number of air accidents in Iran is decreasing, but this is due to a decrease in the volume of air traffic, in specific figures, Iranian security is at the level of the wildest African countries.

“And now it is Iran that will bail out the Russian aviation industry. The best advertisement for the unconditional refusal to fly on Russian aircraft can not be imagined “, Nesmiyan is convinced.

plane crash Russia

Back in September 2022, the International Civil Aviation Organization, which is part of the UN structure, put a red flag on Russia. And this is a serious signal about the problems of flight safety.

“It characterizes the number of air crashes, the number of failures in the country, and it says that in fact, from the time sanctions were introduced until the end of 2022 Russia has slid to the level of the backward countries of the world. And if we talk about the number of air incidents, we regularly see that situations occur when aircraft return to departure airports due to the failure of individual systems. Over the course of a year, even Russian-made aircraft crashed, that is, less dependent on Western technology,” Bogdan Dolintse, an expert on the development of the aviation market, commented on the situation to FREEDOM.

plane crash in Russia

In 2022 more than 130 air incidents have already occurred in Russia, including 28 accidents, and in 2023 the accidents continued. There is no doubt that reports of accidents related to the failure of machinery and equipment will come in more and more often, and anyone who dares to take to the skies on a Russian plane is a real suicide bomber.

Source: Obozrevatel

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