Stock Exchange: Milan in the red (-0.1%), some banks hold

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(ANSA) – MILAN, 09 DEC – Piazza Affari turned red in the early afternoon (-0.1%), with the main price list almost completely negative. Some banks, such as Bper (+ 0.7%), Mps (+ 2.5%) and Unicredit that flies (+ 9.4%), are holding on to the day of the strategic plan to 2024 and the announcement of the dividend that will be distributed in 2022. Fineco in red (-1%), flat Intesa (-0.05%). The BTP-Bund spread is at 136.9 points. Positive shares include some utilities, from A2a (+ 1.4%) and Hera (+ 0.6%), pharmaceuticals, from Diasorin (+ 1%) to Recordati (+ 0.3%).

Bene Generali (+ 0.4%) among insurance companies.

Oil lost, from Tenaris plants (-1.8%) to Eni (-1.3%) and Saipem (-1.7%), with crude oil down (wti -1.1%) to 71, 5 dollars and brent at 74.9 dollars. In the red Tim (-2.3%), after the signing of the contract for the 5G license in Brazil and the reorganization of the group. There was a sharp decline in Stm (-1.6%) among semiconductors, Moncler (-1.1%) in luxury and Stellantis and Ferrari (-1.2%) among cars. Among the smaller capitalization stocks, Ambienthesis rally, stopped on the upside at a theoretical + 13.3% at 1 euro. Thud of Juve (-6.3%), while the investigation on the accounts continues and after the victory that allowed them to close in the lead of the Champions group. (HANDLE).


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