Ambushed in Alatri, Thomas Bricca in an irreversible coma

There are some suspects in the investigation into the ambush two days ago in Alatri in which 18-year-old Thomas Bricca was shot, shot in the head. According to what is learned, a breakthrough in the investigation could soon arrive.

According to what has been learned, the suspicions of the Alatri carabinieri are focusing on two people but other accomplices are not excluded. In particular, the investigators would have focused their attention on two people who were on the scooter from which the shots that reached Thomas Bricca would have started. However, the presence of accomplices in the punitive expedition or of people who would have covered the escape of the two is not excluded.

“Absence of Brain Activity”. After yesterday’s feeble hopes with the bulletin of the San Camillo hospital in Rome which spoke of an “electrical response hinted at to stimuli”, today the doctors declared the brain death of Thomas Bricca who is in an irreversible coma. The conditions of the boy, wounded in the head by a gunshot, immediately appeared desperate.

Source: Ansa

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