‘Untore di Hiv in discoteca’, Ps scova fake news in chat

Milan, health worker tackles piazza no vax despite death threats (ANSA)

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 04 DEC – A message that went viral on social media and in the chats of young people in Bologna, which reported that in discos there were those who tried to infect those who danced using an infected syringe with the HIV virus, has been discovered be a fake. The Police, by recording a diffusion of texts and voice messages on this alleged infector, started investigations and discovered that it was a groundless alarm.

The agents of the Administrative Police division – after the owner of a nightclub had turned to the Postal and Communications Police – started investigations, listening to about twenty people and checking in hospitals that there had been no access or hospitalization for suspected infections after evenings on the premises.

From the investigations, one of the authors of a voice message was discovered, a 21-year-old student from Bologna, with no precedent behind him, who could risk a complaint for procured alarm. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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