Cospito, Meloni: ‘No pressure for Delmastro’s resignation’. Letta: ‘Indefensible Premier’

” There is no prerequisite for Delmastro’s resignation”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni says so in a letter to Corriere della Sera on the Cospito affair. Justice has clarified not to be an object of secrecy, they have even been anticipated by some media”. “Certainly the tones have raised too much and I invite everyone, starting with the exponents of Fratelli D’Italia, to bring them back to the level of a frank but respectful confrontation” continues prtemier. “There are, in my opinion, clearly instrumental aspects in this fuss. I find it strange that we are scandalized because Parliament has discussed documents that are not covered by secrecy, while for years private conversations – these are not to be disclosed – often become public domain. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni writes it in a letter to the editor of Corriere della Sera. I find the indignation of the Pd for a certainly excessive accusation singular, when however the left in the past has leveled against yours truly, leader of the opposition, the accusations of ‘being the moral instigator of deaths at sea’ or to lead a ‘subversive party’, to name a few. Without forgetting when institutional exponents shouted to the applause that we should have ‘spit blood’ ” continues the Prime Minister.

“I find it paradoxical that we cannot hold left-wing parties to account for their choices, when objectively the origin of the controversies of these days is the visit to Cospito by a qualified representative of the Democratic Party, at a time when the prisoner was intensifying his efforts to communicate with the outside world, as emerges from the notes of the judicial authority that ruled on the case, made known by the media.And what strikes me, even more than that visit, is that after having taken note – from what the press reports on the affair – of the relationship between Alfredo Cospito and the mafia bosses in a harsh prison regime, and knowing full well how much it is worthwhile for the mafia to question the 41bis, highly authoritative members of the Democratic Party have continued to ask for the revocation of the institute for Cospito , pretending not to understand the implications that such a choice would have had above all in terms of the fight against organized crime”. Giorgia Meloni writes it in the letter sent to Corriere della Sera.

“After days of waiting, the words of the honorable Giorgia Meloni arrived. We thought they were the words of a Prime Minister concerned with building the unity and cohesion of the country in a moment of strong tension. Unfortunately, we have read the words of a party leader who defends his own beyond the indefensible and, to do so, raises controversy instrumental and vicious against the opposition. A letter that rekindles the fire instead of putting it out”. So in a note the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, and the dem group leaders who also speak of “defamatory” words from the Fdi

COSPITO REITERATES: ‘NO TO FORCED TREATMENTS’- Alfredo Cospito’s defense presented a formal notice to the Ministry of Justice and for information to the Ombudsman of prisoners so that, in the event of worsening health conditions, is not subjected to forced nutrition or treatment. This is what has been learned from defense sources who reiterate the anarchist’s will to continue the hunger strike. The doctors of Opera and the Surveillance Tribunal of Milan, presided over by Giovanna Di Rosa, they are starting to evaluate the possible transfer of Alfredo Cospito from the clinical center of the Milanese prison to the penitentiary medicine department of the San Paolo hospital. The hypothesis of hospitalization, from what has been learned, is realistic where the 55-year-old, on hunger strike for 108 days, should continue to refuse supplements as well. Their prolonged interruption could lead to a heart attack and the need for life-saving treatments. At the moment his parameters are compatible with detention. Cospito, who hasn’t touched food since October to protest against the 41bis, has been going on water, sugar and salt for a few days and has sent the Dap a declaration in which he expresses his willingness not to proceed with forced feeding, in case that his condition deteriorated to such an extent that he was unconscious. At the moment he is still lucid, he walks, he stands up. There is maximum attention towards him from the health personnel of the Milanese prison and from the surveillance magistrates Giovanna Di Rosa, president of the section, and Ornella Anedda, in charge of protecting the conditions of the prisoners and guaranteeing their rights, including the fundamental one of health. In fact, the judges receive a report on Cospito’s state of health every day.

The debate on 41 bis continues. “The 41 bis cannot be touched at this moment, because we still need to defeat the mafia and terrorism”, said the deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Antonio Tajani, responding to reporters who asked him if it is possible to open a reflection on the 41 bis following the case of Alfredo Cospito. “It is absolutely essential to continue to have the 41 bis, as a guarantee instrument for the security of the state”, he added. “There is an escalation, an attack against the Italian state carried out not only within national borders but from an anarchist international against all the diplomatic offices of our country”, said the deputy prime minister: “We have raised the level of security, now we need to work to defend the rule of law from those who want to defeat a democratic system where those who commit a crime, after having been tried, he must be convicted of having committed serious crimes, as is the case of the prisoner Cospito”.

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